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Product Recommendations for Diabetes Mellitus

Product Recommendations for Diabetes Mellitus

Along with appropriate medications, exercise , and other management techniques, adaptive equipment can help you maintain your independence if you have Diabetes. There are a variety of assistive devices that are designed to make home care and daily activities more comfortable.

Examples of Daily Aids:

  • □ Pedlar… Exercise cycle for arms and legs
  • □ Pedometer
  • □ Diabetic Shoes and Inserts
  • □ Glucose Meter and Supplies
  • □ Glucerna- Sugar-Free Food Bars
  • □ Heating Pads… Moist/ Dry
  • □ Insulin Cold Packs
  • □ Graduated Compression Stockings- TED hose
  • □ Diabetic Foot Care Products- Fungal soaps and moisturizers
  • □ Diabetic Cough Syrup and Cold Remedies- Sugar-Free
  • □ Lift Chair Recliner... Certain Lift Chairs allow the user to lay in theTrendelenburg Position, heart below lower extremities, which can be very helpful in eliminating swelling in the legs.

Note: Not all of these recommendations may benefit your personal situation. Your occupational therapist, physician or rehabilitation specialist can help determine which of these recommendations are best for you.