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Product Recommendations for Parkinson's Disease

Product Recommendations for Parkinson's Disease

Along with appropriate medications, exercise, and other management techniques, adaptive equipment can help you maintain your independence if you have Parkinson’s Disease. There are a variety of assistive devices that are designed to make home care and daily activities more comfortable.

Examples of Daily Aids:

  • □ Built-Up Utensils/ Dishware... Larger handles for an easier grip
  • □ Dressing Stick/ Elastic Shoelaces/ Button Aid/ Elongated Shoe Horn
  • □ Devices to help you REACH... Multi-purpose Reacher designed for all uses
  • □ Grab Bars- Mounted or Suction... Offers assistance in many rooms in a house
  • □ Knee Immobilizer
  • □ Shower Safety: Shower Chair With or Without Back / Transfer Bench
  • □ Toilet Safety Rails
  • □ Adjustable Hospital Bed and/or Bed Rails (Rental Available)
  • □ Transfer Sliding Boards... Used to transfer patient from a bed to a wheelchair
  • □ Walkers: Front Wheel or Rollator with Seat
  • □ Wheelchairs: Standard or Transport (Rental Available)
  • □ Lift Chair Recliner... Easily rise to standing position or recline to sleep

Note: Not all of these recommendations may benefit your personal situation. Your occupational therapist, physician or rehabilitation specialist can help determine which of these recommendations are best for you.