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Meet the Pharmacy Staff

  • Annie Mouradian Kahn :: Pharmacy Manager - Santa Monica
  • Annie Mouradian Kahn

    Santa Monica (Santa Monica & 20th) : Adjacent to St. John's Medical Center (Corner of Santa Monica & 20th)
    Pharmacy Manager - Santa Monica

    Phone: (310) 829-3401

    Annie Mouradian Kahn, PharmD, joined Horton & Converse as an intern in 1987 and has been the Pharmacy Manager at the Santa Monica location since 1990. A graduate from the USC School of Pharmacy, Annie enjoys the profession immensely.
    “I take pleasure in the one on one interaction with my patients and the rapport I’ve shared with other healthcare providers. These relationships and interactions have made my job very rewarding. It gives me tremendous satisfaction assisting patients in the community with their prescription-related issues and questions.”
    Annie’s extensive interactions with local physicians allow her to provide patients with quick and exceptional service as well as problem-solving solutions.

    “If I don’t take care of my patients, someone else will!”

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