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Meet the Pharmacy Staff

  • Sarah 'Janine' Mansour :: Pharmacy Manager - Los Angeles
  • Sarah 'Janine' Mansour

    Los Angeles (Cedars-Sinai) : Adjacent Cedars-Sinai Hospital
    Pharmacy Manager - Los Angeles

    Phone: (310) 659-6111

    Janine Mansour, PharmD, CGP, is a graduate of Washington State University. A daughter of a pharmacist, the Washington native had a passion for the pharmacy profession from a young age. After moving to Los Angeles in 2012, she worked for a large supermarket chain as their lead Pharmacist. Because she enjoyed working closely with the elderly population, she decided to pursue her board certification in geriatric pharmacy (CGP) in 2015.

    Janine is constantly staying up to date with prescription therapy advancements and relishes furthering her pharmacy education. "Next step for me is to become a board certified "Advanced Practice Pharmacist""

    Janine became the Pharmacy Manager at Horton and Converse at Cedars-Sinai in 2016. She has had experience in clinical pharmacy practices such as medication therapy management, travel medicine, and diabetes & heart healthy coaching.


    "The rewarding feeling of helping someone live a healthier life can't be beat! Having extensive experience in a variety of specialized pharmacy practices only helps fulfill my desire to help others, and give back to the community."

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