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Walkers / Rollators

Front Wheel Walker VS. Rollator 

If you grow tired when walking long distances, or have a condition that impairs your balance, such as gait, weakened leg strength, recovering from a lower limb injury or surgery, you may need a mobility aid to help you get around.

What is the difference:

A standard Walker is a frame with handles and legs that needs to be lifted for movement in which it allows you to walk at slower pace; it is very stable, folds easily and is lightweight. An advantage of using a walker is that it provides a great amount of stability to help prevent loss of balance and falls.

Rollator walker has 3-4 wheels and is pushed to allow you to walk at a faster pace. If you have limited upper body strength or lose your balance easily when lifting objects, then a rollator walker is likely a better option for you. They encourage motion without compromising the support and security a typical walker structure provides. The user should be able to steer the rollator and operate the hand brakes as needed. It includes a seat to use when resting.


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